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I am currently accepting patients in California. Appointments are held via telehealth at this time.  All first time appointments are 90 minutes in length. After that, we will decide what type of follow up appointments and at what frequency to best to optimize your results.  I am accepting patients for integrative psychiatric care, psychotherapy, and medication management.  

Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation- 90 minutes

During our first visit, I'll spend time getting to know you, hearing your story, and gathering the information needed to help us create your unique treatment plan. I'll want to get an understanding of your health history, developmental and social history, relationships, current routines and habits as well as your goals for treatment. We will then collaborate on a customized plan, which may include traditional and functional laboratory testing, genetic testing, psychotherapy, nutrition, exercise and mindfulness practice recommendations, sleep optimization, as well as supplements and medications, if necessary. I may ask to speak with your primary care provider or other people you may want to involve in your care. A review of records and all coordination of care and documentation related to this initial evaluation is included.

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50 minute follow-up

Typical follow up appointments are 50 minutes in length, allowing us time for psychotherapy, or a more thorough review of your progress and any needed adjustments to your treatment plan. We may use the time to review lab results and make a plan to address any nutrient deficiencies, discuss activity and exercise strategy, find ways to optimize your sleep, talk recipes for improving nutrition, work on incorporating relaxation or mindfulness practices, or all of the above!

25 minute follow-up

These shorter appointments are intended for more brief, focused check-ins regarding your treatment plan. We'll track your progress, answer any questions that may have come up since our last visit, and refine your plan if needed. 

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